5 easy spring cleaning tips

Spring is the season we naturally turn our attention to cleaning and updating our homes. The sun shines (more often), the days get longer and longer, we open the windows more often and we end up seeing a lot of dust on the floor and furniture.
We have prepared a list of easy tips to follow in order to prepare your home (and yourself) for the always-busy spring and summer months ahead.

1 – Organise wardrobes

Organising our wardrobes is the first step to organise the rest of our home. This time of the year is when the wardrobe gets really messy, as soon as the sun shines we start to want to wear spring clothes. Unfortunately, it still gets really chilly sometimes and we would need also coats and wool clothes. There is definitely no space for both our winter and summer clothes so, we need to get rid of unused clothes and accessories, and organise the rest by how we get dressed in the morning and by color. Our wardrobe will look appealing, and our everyday routine will be easier.

2 – Remove Stains and Odours

To remove stains and odours, blot up as much of the smelly mess as you can right away. While you’re blotting the upholstery, put a plastic liner or a garbage bag between the cushion and the fabric so you don’t push the contaminant into the cushion. Then flush with cold water as best you can. Blot and flush again. Cold water doesn’t set stains as much as hot water. You can also use a portable spot cleaner or wet/dry vac. If there’s still a residual odour, use a half-vinegar, half-water solution and rinse again. If that doesn’t work, call in the professionals.Book a consultation with us and we will send you a professional housekeeper who will help you with the cleaning.

3- Clean Painted Walls

To clean your painted walls we suggest starting with a clean cloth or sponge and water. If that doesn’t work, dip the rag or sponge into water mixed with a little dishwashing liquid, the milder the better. If the stain persists, apply a few drops of soap directly onto the wet sponge or cloth you’re using. For more stubborn cases, you could apply a little soap right onto the stain.

4- Clean Your Carpet

To keep carpets looking nice we suggest taking off your shoes when you get home — but leave your socks on because walking around in bare feet leaves natural oils that attract dirt. Try to vacuum every day and use a top-load vacuum, so the dirt falls inward, and HEPA filters. Change the filters often, so you don’t blow pollutants back into the air. For less-trafficked areas, you can get away with cleaning the carpets once or twice a year, and every 18 months for a bedroom. For higher-traffic areas, the most often you’d need to bring in professionals would be three or four times a year, although once you see that your carpet is dirty, you probably should have it cleaned for health reasons.

5 – Clean the silver

Natural light makes appear your silver opaque and grey if it is not perfectly cleaned. There are many silver products, but if you are concerned about the hearth you can squeeze a dab of organic toothpaste on a piece of cloth or flannel, and rub onto silver. The result will be shiny!

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