Fight the mites!

Dust mites are tiny “pests” that infest the pillows and the closets of our homes. Formidable enemies that may be fought by using natural remedies like lemon and salt against ants or basil against mosquitos.

But all this may be not enough. According to a study by a team of researchers, the cushions on which we rely can comfortably accommodate potentially harmful micro-organisms, such as staphylococcus, varicella, and even E. Coli, a pathogenic virus responsible for intestinal diseases.

This is due to the sponge effect of the cushions tissues.  However, there is a way to combat the phenomenon and it is simple: to daily air the pillows, preferably under the rays of the sun. Alternatively, you can wash them at high temperature once a month.

However, we need to consider that the total elimination of the mites is in any case not possible. But you can contain the proliferation. In this regard you can use a dehumidifier to decrease the wetness, or air the rooms in the evening, when the air is cooler and less humid than in the morning. We must also remove the dark dust, which is the main cause of asthma, especially in children.
You can dissolve 2 tea bags in warm water and put the liquid in a plastic container with spray pump. After leaving for a few minutes the bags into the bottle, spray the liquid on the mattress and the pillows, and then let everything dry, preferably in the sunlight. Everything should be repeated every two weeks.

Another step is to eliminate the mites inside the vacuum cleaner. Draw in a wet tea bag inside the machine before using it on surfaces. The cleaning operation will be effective if the sachet remains inside for 2 weeks. Then it must be replaced.

Finally, you can also use sodium bicarbonate. Spread 3 tablespoons onto the surface to be treated, leaving it 2 hours and then vacuum. Et voila … no more mites! In fact, scientific studies have shown that crystals of bicarbonate have an inhibiting action on the development of the parasites. It was shown that scattering bicarbonate on the carpet you get a reduction of the mites up to 79% in 1 hour and 100% in 2 hours.

So, are you ready for your battle against the horrible creatures which are now the most common cause of allergy in adults and children?

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