Everybody knows the crucial importance of the color of the walls when it comes to decorate the house. The choice is fundamental, but in order to fully understand it, we need to start from the psychology of colors.

Each color has a conscious effect that relies on personal taste, and an unconscious effect, more psychological and different for each person.

We all know that colors affect mood and state of mind: the color spectrum is comparable to the emotion spectrum.

For instance, there are colors like fire red that may have impact on the nerves and the anger. However, if they are used in a balanced way, they can be a source of stimulation for both mind and body.

Every person will be more or less sensitive, compared to others, to a color. The emotional stimulation is the same for all, except for the variation in intensity, which generally is more personal.

The yellow is synonymous of joy, happiness, the blue is generally considered a calming color that relaxes and cheers up. Both colors are certainly very positive but if used in the wrong way they could have an adverse effect on the mood. The blue, for instance, if used for whole walls and doors can seem very cold. Also the yellow, may adversely affect the patience and evoke feelings of frustration.

How can we find ideal solutions for furniture starting from the right colors for the walls? First of all, we must bear in mind some simple precautions. For example, in the case where the ceiling is low, we need to use light colors for painting. On the other hand, if the room in question is too long, the ideal would be the use of warm or dark colors for a wall while cool and clear colors for the other, in this way the two walls will seem closer.

For the bedroom recommended colors are white, blue as well as yellow and red, always used in a balanced way as we have mentioned above. An excess of bright color if not balanced by other, may have an irritating effect rather than conciliatory.

When you chose the color of your living room you need to take into account the orientation and the type of light (natural and artificial). In addition, any choice of color to use, need to perfectly match with the color scheme chosen for the furniture. Surely the white is a color that greatly facilitates and that gives more freedom.

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