You organised a romantic dinner at home with flowers, nice food, champagne and scented candles… the dinner was great and you were very pleased with the food you cooked…unfortunately, the day after you realised that your table cover got some stain of wax. How do you remove them?

Follow the simple instructions below:  Remove candle wax with the hair drier

Using the hairdryer is a great choice for hard surfaces like table tops and candlesticks. It’s not quite as good of a choice for fabrics, especially if the wax is colored, because melting the wax without immediately soaking it up will spread the stain.

1. Blow dry the wax until it melts. Set your blow dryer to a “hot” setting and use it to heat up the wax without blowing the wax around.

2. Wipe it away. Use a cheap cloth or paper towel to wipe away the melted wax. Wax can be difficult to get out of the cloth or towel you use to wipe up the mess, so be sure not to use your “nice” towels. An old rag or a disposable paper towel will do very well.

3. Get rid of leftover residue. If there’s a film of wax left over, get rid of it with a little spray cleaner and a damp rag or sponge. All-purpose cleaning fluid works fine. If you’re working on a fragile surface (like, for example, a fine wooden table top), be sure not to damage your surface with an abrasive rag or sponge.

4. If necessary, repeat. If, after wiping and scrubbing, any lingering bits of wax remain, try melting them again with the blow dryer and wiping them up, then using spray cleaner again. Repeat until clean.

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