Make your terrace a vegetable garden

Do you think that your terrace is too small to be a vegetable garden? Think twice…with the right plants and some saving-space ideas you can.

Everybody dreams to have fresh hand-picked vegetable ready to eat every day on the table. Unfortunately, for the majority of us this is impossible, especially for who lives in big cities like London. I forced myself to be pleased with the tasteless fruits and vegetables I could find at the local supermarkets. I remember the surprise every time I was back at my grandparents place (my grandpa is a guru in how to grow vegetables) and I had some raw tomatoes…I had almost forgotten their real taste.

Well my grandpa lives in the countryside and he gets plenty of space in front of his house, but there was no reason why I couldn’t get my vegetable garden as well…on my terrace. My terrace is quite small and I had to choose carefully which plants I preferred to have.

First of all I wanted to have some aromatic plants like rosemary, parsley, basil and sage. I used to struggle to find them in the shops and I always use them when I cook. I planted my aromatic plants in some vases and I waited for them to grow. They don’t need a lot of care, just some water every day and they grow very fast, perfect match with my lifestyle…I am always outside and I usually don’t make home until 8pm.

I also need some vegetables and, with my grandpa’s help, I chose the ones that don’t grow that much and can be planted also in vases. I decided to go for chili pepper, pepper and carrots to start, but there are many vegetables you can choose like radish, beetroot or lettuce. You can also plant tomatoes but they grow a lot and you need to prune them regularly to make them manageable.

Your garden is part of your house and you need to design it. You can use some creative flower box such as metal watering can, coloured vases or funny boxes. You need to become creative reusing boxes that you have already in your kitchen, for instance an old bucket could become a nice flower box…you need just to remember to perforate the bottom J

If you love gardening you can find some nice tips here:

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